collaboration and research team members

Above: discussions during the Math on the Rocks meeting in Grundsund, Sweden

Mathematical research entails both individual and collaborative work. I enjoy a large network of collaborators: 35 co-authors from 19 universities in 9 countries so far (see publications).

research team

At our Department we have a Geometry and Numerics team. In addition to myself, the current members are:

  • Sagy Ephrati (Post-Doc, since 2023) is working on geophysical fluid dynamics (GFD), with an emphasis on methods from matrix hydrodynamics and stochastics.

  • Michael Roop (PhD student, since 2021) is working with Zeitlin’s model of 2-D hydrodynamics. The aim is to extend the model, and the accompanying time discretization, to magneto-hydrodynamics (MHD) and other physical fluid models.

  • Erik Jansson (PhD student, since 2020) is working on connections between geometric hydrodynamics and residual neural networks in a project supported by the WASP program. In January 2023 he defended his licentiate thesis titled Geometric discretization in shape analysis.

previous members